Moonshine Sweet Tea Review

So months ago after I made the Winter Tea cupcakes, I saw these other swoon worthy cupcakes made with Moonshine Sweet Tea. Well at first I was like okay it’s a spiked tea cupcake but I read on because yummy cupcakes and all. Turned out she used a brand of sweet tea called Moonshine. Lol.

I’m “from” the South so I LOVE me some sweet tea. Being in Cali without it is rough y’all but thank God for Thai Iced Tea (yummy). So I mentioned that I would love to try out the tea it if I could get my hands on it. Well…I got my hands on it!!! Courtesy of the lovely Social Media Director who emailed me to see if I’d like a sample. Umm…yes please!!

Moonshine Sweet TeaIt’s our first official “freebie”!!!!!! Very special. We weren’t asked to review it but we are anyway :)

The tea arrived some weeks ago but I held unto it because I wanted Bekah to try it as well, which we did this Saturday.

It’s actually a concentrate for making a batch of tea. The bottle says to use 2 tbsp of the concentrate for 8 oz of iced ( very cold ) water but we ended up diverging from this.

Moonshine Sweet TeaWe put some ice cubes in glasses, added 2 tbsp of the concentrate and then 8 oz of water.

Maybe we should have used iced water instead of the ice cubes but I honestly don’t believe that made a huge difference. Y’all, we took a sip and were like ummm, no. It was weak!! Southern sweet tea is pretty darn sweet so this was not going to work at that ratio.

Moonshine Sweet TeaSo we added more concentrate. We aren’t drinkers my any means but it felt like we were spiking our sweet tea. In any case by the time we had 4.5 tbsps with the water, we were like YUM! And even yummier when we added the lemon slices Bekah had cut for garnish.

Moonshine Sweet TeaSee the difference in colour?? Win!
Note: Moonshine Sweet Tea is based in Austin, Texas so they are Southern (sort of – those of use from Georgia, Tennessee, etc don’t always include Texas in our version of the south 😛 ). They are definitely Southern enough to have made some good tea.


I would totally drink this again now that I know how much concentrate to use. It’s not cloyingly sweet which is a good thing. Bekah thinks it would be a good option for our annual summer party if we can find some more of it. I agree.

Plus I think the bottle is adorable too.

Note: As I said, we weren’t asked to review the product but I was sent a sample to try. We aren’t being paid or compensated in any way for this.

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