Tuesday Favourites

  • The Glamourai studied how to tie gele, the West African headtie, and put it on Selita Ebanks in this photo shoot. Trust me – it is not an easy thing – I give her props!
  • Fashion for NASA – vote on the new suit design for the astronauts
  • These ten-year old twin ballerinas – Imani and Nia – who got into the summer program at the American Ballet Theatre. That is like Harvard for dancers so it’s pretty major!
  • These silk fabrics and scarves are literally dyed with rain. Made by Aliki van der Kruijs
  • My American accent according to the NY times quiz. Makes sense since I grew up with British English, and lived in the South for a while.
  • This young boy’s reaction to finding out his parents were having a baby girl. He already has two sisters.
  • This marriage proposal!!! Apparently this was the fifth time but seriously the first four seemed like he was just talking, lol. More on his site.
  • THE LION KING!!!! Well the cast of the Lion King singing on a flight within Australia

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