Racing Inspired Knits

Well sorta…

So remember how I finally conquered my “fear” of sewing with knits? Well guess who loves knits now – so quick and easy!!! As I said, a few weekends ago Bekah and I went to hunt for cronuts in their natural habitat but we were unsuccessful. Being that we were in the general area, of course I dragged her to Mood – this is becoming a habit – and she made her first purchase!!! She bought some jersey knits and so did I.

Oh my! How did that get there??

140309_KnitTopsDress720_004Between us, we got five different fabrics but only three are in this photo. Anyway I made two racerback tops. The Breton stripe fabric in the center was for Bekah but I don’t have a photo of the finished product. Maybe she’ll put one on Instagram. I actually want to go back and buy a different colourway of the fabric because it was REALLY nice – good weight, just enough stretch, nice.

I love the flowers, colours and stripes on the fabric for the tank pictured below. I wore it to church this past Sunday.

The weekend after the Grove, Bekah came over to make these yummy cookies, and while she did that I used my custom racer tank pattern for the dress and then freehand cut from the waist to form the bottom. I sewed it all up while she was there and only had the neck and armhole binding to finish when she was done. I was pretty proud of myself. I used a different method from before and I still need to perfect it but it all worked out :)

The black and white abstract fabric was one I spied and LOVED. Bekah’s all “meh to the meh meh” until I sewed it and then it was “ahhhh I see what you saw, lol”. This dress is so comfortable. I will be making more like it – probably with more of a racerback. It’s quick and easy. I wore it for the first time to church the week before last. Forgot to take “sunday flow” pictures lol.

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