Racing Inspired Knits

Well sorta…

So remember how I finally conquered my “fear” of sewing with knits? Well guess who loves knits now – so quick and easy!!! As I said, a few weekends ago Bekah and I went to hunt for cronuts in their natural habitat but we were unsuccessful. Being that we were in the general area, of course I dragged her to Mood – this is becoming a habit – and she made her first purchase!!! She bought some jersey knits and so did I.

Oh my! How did that get there??

140309_KnitTopsDress720_004Between us, we got five different fabrics but only three are in this photo. Anyway I made two racerback tops. The Breton stripe fabric in the center was for Bekah but I don’t have a photo of the finished product. Maybe she’ll put one on Instagram. I actually want to go back and buy a different colourway of the fabric because it was REALLY nice – good weight, just enough stretch, nice.

I love the flowers, colours and stripes on the fabric for the tank pictured below. I wore it to church this past Sunday.

The weekend after the Grove, Bekah came over to make these yummy cookies, and while she did that I used my custom racer tank pattern for the dress and then freehand cut from the waist to form the bottom. I sewed it all up while she was there and only had the neck and armhole binding to finish when she was done. I was pretty proud of myself. I used a different method from before and I still need to perfect it but it all worked out :)

The black and white abstract fabric was one I spied and LOVED. Bekah’s all “meh to the meh meh” until I sewed it and then it was “ahhhh I see what you saw, lol”. This dress is so comfortable. I will be making more like it – probably with more of a racerback. It’s quick and easy. I wore it for the first time to church the week before last. Forgot to take “sunday flow” pictures lol.


  1. Berry Dakara

    GURLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, why aren’t you in Lagos and becoming my personal tailor?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Maybe I should get my sewing machine sent to me from Atlanta and retry this thing.

  2. Jet Set Sewing

    Looks like you two had a lot of fun at Mood and sewing together! I’ve started sewing with knits again (after 30 years) and it is easy and fun. I think that striped Jersey is from the French brand St. James (I saw it at Mood, too), and it sews and washes very well. I just made a French sailor top and Chanel-style bag from it that turned out very well.

  3. Bekah

    You look great in your tank top and the dress. It is always so cool to see the evolution of brilliance. I have to admit I really like the tank top on you, even though I was NOT feeling the fabric when you picked it out. I am assuming that the dress will grow on me as well. Pretty soon you will only be wearing your on clothes. I am still waiting on the fashion house…AHEM

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