Rainy Day at The Grove

This post is forever late. I mean we’ve had two or three earthquakes since then (CRAAAAZY). But since this vital information lays the groundwork for another post, I compel you to look at the pretty pictures. 😛 So, a few weekends ago, Dominique Ansel brought the cronut to Barneys at the Grove. In the hopes of scoring said croissant/doughnut lovechild, Miss Bekah and I had a hang out day. Well here’s what we met…
20140301_PnPGroveDay720_02How ridiculous is that line??? Plus the line was closed too. *sad face*

We recovered by hanging out at the Grove for a bit and within twenty minutes, the downpour began! So while it rained, I got a couple of terrariums. Btw I ALWAYS get that word wrong – I keep saying terranium!

After the rain let up and we could hustle (at a leisurely pace since I was carrying glass) to the car, the question was where would we eat. Now because of the rain (which we still need more of), many restaurants were full but fortunately The Sycamore Kitchen was not, so off we went.

Plus side? It is located down the street from Mood and The Fabric Store. Totally unplanned…sort of…but not really. The restaurant was good – brick walls, industrial stools, really thick french toast, good food and good coffee. I liked it. The syrup was not thick enough for me but I’d go back. Joan’s on Third and Doughboys are still ahead though.

140309_KnitTopsDress720_004After eating, we made a quick trip to Mood and bought some fabric.

Eventually Bekah went home and I went to B&N at the Grove to read fashion books.
Plus I needed to grab dinner before karaoke (sorry no pictures from that but it was VERY fun and loud) and that was the place with the most options. I went to the Pampas Grill for some good Brazilian food.


I think it was the Chinese New Year because this dragon was all lit up as I made my way back to the car.

Anyway, that was weekends ago. The fabric has now been sewn:)

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