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Hey all!!!

It feels like it’s been forever. If you are following our instagram, you probably figured out that I was in the Bay Area last week. I ate lots of good food, did quite a bit of work, got to know some cool people even better and also made a quick trip to a fun store. I will tell you about it later but here a few images to hold you over.
Instagram from PprmintnPaisley Instagram from PprmintnPaisley Instagram from PprmintnPaisley

As if travelling wasn’t enough fun for me, I discovered that:

I won the Albion contest!!!!


Check it out here! As part of the Albion sewalong, there was a contest to win a Bernina 380 sewing machine. Pretty fancy:) Well here’s the thing, I wanted a Bernina earlier in the year and ended up with a vintage one because this was way more than I was trying to spend. But y’all, God hooked me up!!! I didn’t even mention the contest really because the sewalong was a way to make sure I MADE the coat. I figured someone else would win but I would have a fun coat, so I entered the coat anyway and voted for my favourites. One of them won second prize (yay!!). Here’s another favourite by NeoKnits. There were a lot of really nice coats.

I even had a dream that morning that I lost the competition. It was odd because even though I dream all the time, it’s usually nothing so dire and I didn’t realise I was thinking about the contest like that. So I told Bekah and she’s like “the devil is a liar, your coat is great” ( I love her!). And I’m like “That’s so true! Hey you never know.” So I said a quick prayer about it and let it go.

Sooooo thennnnnnn, I go to check my email on Wednesday thinking “let me even see who won”, only to see an email from Sarai of Colette Patterns with the title “Congratulations”. Cue the jumping for like three minutes straight. A bad idea considering I just ate the most fabulous niçoise salad and crème brûlée so I was jumping on a full stomach. I survived.

Instagram from PprmintnPaisley

I couldn’t believe it – winning is cool y’all especially when it is unexpected and you had fun in the process.

So I’d like to thank God first and foremost, Colette Patterns for a cool pattern and hosting the great contest, Bernina for the prize, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences ( practicing – you never know ), and everyone who voted for me, liked and commented on the coat.  You all are lovely!

And Bekah – you are awesomesauce!

The cool thing is I had other good news from different angles this week and managed to “run” a 10k on not enough sleep/food on Saturday.

To the new readers and friends…WELCOME to the fun house!!!

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