Jersey Things: My First Tank

Bonjour mes amis!!!!!

I hope you had an amazing weekend. I certainly did. We had a youth/young adult conference at church and I got to meet a few new people which is always nice. Once of them was a super nice “older” lady pastor who is very passionate about young adults. It was nice to be around her even for the few hours of the conference.

It was a super busy weekend and then a sore throat tried (and almost succeeded) in taking me down!!!! The nerve!! As it was getting worse, I could tell I was getting tired and crabby (not cute) but after some sleep, prayer and Halls, I’m good to go. Praise God.

So…on to jersey related things. I made a tank top about a month ago and it is my new favourite. All I did was trace an old fave then made adjustments to improve the fit since the old one wasn’t perfect. When tracing out the top, I did not add a seam allowance because this is a knit fabric. Plus I would be serging the sides so I did not need much seam allowance.  I got the fabric from Michael Levine. It’s a double-knit jersey fabric and I love it because it’s think enough not to worry about show-through but still very drapey and comfortable.

When sewing jersey tops, stabilise the shoulders so they don’t stretch. Some people use stay tape, I used a narrow twill tape. old school

I also added a neck and armhole bands instead of doing a binding finish.

The last modification was to add a curved hem – I find that more flattering than the straight hem.

Et voila!
 All done! This top was much easier to make because of lessons I learned on my sequin dress. It took maybe an hour minus the dilly-dallying and I have plans to make racerback and long sleeve versions soon.

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