State of Affairs: Design Goals Update

Hey y’all,

So I started writing this post ages but I decided to wait a while. Then the holidays and Christmas came so I figured I would wait until the new year:) As per normal this list is more about me staying accountable and being able to see what I’ve covered or not, so I know what I need to do next.

“Write the vision and make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it.

Habakkuk 2:2 (NKJV)

Honestly, the last two or three months of 2013 were a bit of a design desert because I was been busy with work, church, family, travelling but I am getting back on it. This year I have completed four projects and bought a bunch of fabric as well as a new, more powerful sewing machine…it’s a Bernina!!!

So here’s my current state of affairs:

Shop my stash

This one has stalled. My stash is FULL of ankara and I’m a bit tired of ankara so I’ve been buying fabric when needed. I did make a peplum pattern that I’m using as a stash buster so this “task” has not been completely abandoned.
Used my stash for my final project in draping class and made two peplums tops from stashed fabric.

Instagram from PprmintnPaisley Instagram from PprmintnPaisley

Sew trousers/pants

I made two jumpsuits last year -a one-shouldered pink affair, and then a leafy, semi-open back one. which I wore to the LA Ankara Festival.


I also have some lace that I will turn into trousers.

Make a jacket/coat

Moving forward on this. My local Joann’s was moving to a new building so they had a liquidation sale. I bought a pattern because it was cute and $2 so why not. Good way to get the details right before draping/drafting my own. I also bought the Colette Lady Grey and Albion patterns. I’m working on the Albion first so I can participate in the sewalong – motivation and all. Here’s some of the fabric for one of these coats.

Instagram from PprmintnPaisley

Make fun staples

In addition to the knit tops, there’s the two peplum tops that can be dressed up or down as part of the stash-busting. I will make more. I also have plans for a bunch of pleated/gathered circle skirts. I’m tired of jeans.

Let it go

Still doing well with this. I am not hanging on to scraps for dear life. If I have a specific use planned, I save it. Otherwise, adios amigos

Work with a variety of fabrics/embellishments

  • Sewing with knits- I wanted to make some knit tops for layering. I bought some new fabric to that end but I have only made one top. And honestly – I love it. I’m going to make two more in the same style and then some long-sleeved ones since it’s “winter”.
  • This month will also be wool and leather in addition to the cottons, organzas and knits.

Draw More

I got an Adonit Jot stylus for my iPad. I got it for note-taking at work but it’s been great for sketches as well. Between that and the Paper app…gold.

New Goals

  • Flat-felled seams
  • Become friends with sewing silk charmeuse *shudder*
  • Drape more!!!!! Hopefully I will take another draping class this summer to follow up the one from last year.
  • Wardrobe rehaul – in progress :)

Alright my people, that’s where I’m at. I think I probably left off a few things but there are more pictures to come as work progresses!

Have an amazing weekend!!

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