Guipure Pencil Dress

Happy Tuesday!!!

I’m sure you all have noticed the lack of sewing posts from me. Well it’s because I was working on something for a friend’s wedding and that has been my main after-work focus for the past few weeks. I’ll share the results soon though. Speaking of said wedding, it was a Nigerian wedding which means – it took two days with different outfits each day. As a friend of the bride and member of the bridal party, I wore aso-ebi for the traditional wedding. My friend chose a lovely champagne guipure lace fabric that we found in the LA Fabric District. I made this dress in two days finishing on the day of the event with a lot of breaks lol – I’d been up late for weeks so by that point I was kinda sluggish.

Goal: Classic midi-length pencil dress with a short slit. Not too dramatic. Easy to wear over and over again. Comfortable.

20140905_GaA_GuipureAsoEbi_05Making the lining took no time. I actually loved the lining so much I wanted to wear it alone as a dress :) I felt a bit Marilyn Monroe in How to Marry A Millionaire. It is super soft satin fabric with a bit of stretch from Michael Levine. Continue reading

Seasons Change…

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…….. Ecclesiastes 3:1


Hey Everyone. I hope that you all had the most amazing labor day ever! I realize that we are all feeling some kind of way as we squeeze in the last few summer activities, prior to the brisk Fall wind creeping in at night and in the early mornings. I myself have been trying to schedule a paddle boarding class all summer, and I am hoping that when and IF I fall in, that the Pacific ocean won’t be so cold. But if it does, I will be prepared, finishing my summer in the ocean. =)

Most people feel a certain kind of way around this time, between mid-August through September. The seasons are changing, school starts, days gets shorter, weather gets colder, vacations are over. I think we all have grown accustomed to adapting to the Fall. We had to go back to school when we were little, started a new semester in college, summer vacations are over. To each of us, the seasons are changing. To some it’s exciting, and to others the change brings fear. Fear mostly of the unknown.

We have to remind ourselves that God has a plan. He is bigger, taller and has the name above EVERY name. As always, that is always easier said than done when things are happening. BUT our ability to adapt and adjust to new seasons of life has a direct correlation to our joy and happiness. 

We have to keep our JOY despite the circumstances and the “unknowns”. When we smile instead of look away, when we pray instead of sleeping through our depression our God is working behind the scenes. So as we enter this new season, let us regard our attitudes and TRUST in God with JOY and gladness, refusing to let situations, circumstances and people to steal our JOY. We must endure everything without weakening because the LOVE of GOD in us never fails.

Perhaps you find yourself in a season within a season. You are eager to move on to a new stage of life, but the Lord still has lessons for you to learn before you transition. Or, you may not want to let go of where you are for fear of what lies ahead in the next chapter of your life. Either way, Jesus will show you the right way, and He will walk with you through the process. So, enjoy this season (do not wish it away), slow down, engage with God and all He wants you to experience.

God gave us his only son, what will he withhold from us in our time of need?

Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. 

Daniel 2:20-21


Labour Day “White” Cupcakes

So. As if I wasn’t already low on sleep ( as per normal ), at about midnight a few nights ago, I started baking. I had a good reason though – it was one of my awesome co-worker’s last day and I had promised a while back to make cupcakes. I try as much as possible to keep my word so even if it meant a few hours less sleep, I was determined to do it. It’s one of those things where you are sad to see someone go but you’re super excited for them because of what they are moving on to.

Anyway I asked what flavour he wanted and dude said vanilla. *blank stare* seriously – how normal is that? But a classic is a classic for a reason abi? So no matter, I made the vanilla cupcakes but I used a sponge recipe from The New Best Recipe. Then to make it more fun I added white chocolate cream cheese frosting and Heath toffee sprinkles. I usually keep a Tardis cookie jar filled with mini Heath bars at work but haven’t done so in a while so why not put them on cupcakes?? Continue reading

No So Green Thumb: Making a Terrarium

Hey y’all!!!

Guess what I’m doing? Guest blogging for RCCG YASM! That’s a lot of letters but it’s the Young Adult and Singles Ministry for a ginormous group of church parishes that span the world (literally).  I’m a young adult, who knew?? :)

Anyway, I was working on this whole deep post before. Ok maybe I thought it was deep but I guarantee you would think it is at least neck deep if not ocean deep. Where is that post you may be wondering?? Still in draft mode because I do not want to impart uncrystallised wisdom, at least not yet for those who are still figuring me out. Instead let me talk about plant life:

I love nature (within reason – all bugs and slugs need not apply). I love plants and flowers. My mom has an amazing garden/farm and I would like to think I inherited her penchant for nurturing plants. I have bouquets at home, I arrange the flowers at church, etc, etc BUT I have been in this one struggle for literally eight years. I know I am not the only one but chai it is becoming an issue. Check out Exhibits A and B


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#MyVegasStyle Challenge

Hellouuuuuuuuuu my people!! It has been sporadic and a half, no? We are working on it :) I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been making but in the meantime, here’s something a bit different for us. Style boards!!!

Over a month ago, I was contacted by to participate in their #MyVegasStyle challenge to share my looks for a day at the Aria Resorts. Now…I live in LA and have never been to Vegas because I haven’t really had any impetus. BUT I will one day so I can cross that off the list. The Aria looks like a fun hotel.

Here we go…

Living my life like it’s golden – by the pool/beach

I like holidays with beaches and pools. Laying in the sun (with sunscreen and shade) is quite nice so clearly I would be hanging out at the Liquid Pool Lounge. If I want it to be more peaceful, there are cabanas and a spa pool available :)

Living my life like it's golden - by the pool/beach

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Lemon Raspberry Loaf

Been a long time since we talked huh?

I’ve missed you guys….

I have been crazy busy with some new developments in my life. I started a new job and I am still trying to get use to my new schedule. If anyone knows anything about, I am not an evening person, and my new schedule requires me to be ON in the evening. I am so the annoying morning person that AS SOON AS I open my eyes, I’m so cheery without having had a drop of coffee. I am also the non evening person that cannot have a serious conversation past 10pm unless there is something fantastic going on.

But I am back from my mini hiatus, and finally getting things together one day at a time.

How have all of you been? How are the dogs days of summer going?

Mise en Place

To make up for lost time, I thought I would entice you with something delicious, so I made

Lemon Raspberry Bread……… Continue reading

Tuesday Favourites

Swiss Chard with Peaches and Sliced Almonds

Happy Thursday!

My…. is the time flying by, I can’t believe it’s already mid-July. Where did the time go? Where is the time going? Every day we are getting older and I am eating more and more.

Have you guys been eating your local seasonal fruits and vegetables? Summer brings out the best produce with lovely stone fruits, squash, heirloom tomatoes, and Swiss Chard.

In the world of hearty greens, Swiss chard often gets overshadowed by its popular neighbor kale, but it’s a superstar in its own right., that’s for sure!


This relative of the beet is a superb source of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as magnesium, potassium, and iron. It makes a colorful and tasty side dish, or a nutritious addition to pasta, soup, quiches, and more. Continue reading

Tuesday Favourites