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The Bekah Smoothie

I call it the Bekah smoothie because it is my favorite smoothie.

How can something so healthy taste so good?

Drinking this just makes me so happy.

For some reason I thought I shared this toasted almond coconut milk with you all, but looking back I guess I haven’t. It is such a bummer because I am totally obsessing over this milk. I can drink this with and in anything. I used to be a whole milk kinda gal, but when your trying to be healthy that does not always fit in the diet plan. Lately I have replaced my milk needs for just using this AMAZING Coconut Almond Milk Blend.

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Tuesday Favourites

First one of the year!!!!!! And I have a couple of videos for you:)

Bekah’s NY:Resolutions and Cleanse

I am not going to say it again, because as I said yesterday, I am tired of hearing HNY.

But since I ‘m not saying it, and you’re tired of hearing it–> lets just get on shall we?

As I mentioned yesterday in my post, I try not to set Resolutions for the new year, because life is so unpredictable. Come mid February our resolutions will change. Instead, I try to come up with goals in mind for the year, working daily to accomplish those goals.

This Year my Goals are:

  1. Finish Writing my Business Plan
  2. Grow Longer, Thicker Hair (does this even count, I feel like we are always trying to do this as women)
  3. Save More $$
  4. Travel More
  5. Volunteer Frequently (aiming to go on a missions trip and/or start consistently volunteering my time to help those in need)
  6. Eat More (yeah- try new and exciting foods)
  7. Kiss More (life is too short I plan to fall more in love EVERYDAY)

Yeah, that is pretty much all I came up with. But for now, this week I am CLEAN EATING:

I pretty much eat healthy all the time, or try to. The weekends are my cheat days, BUT I cheated almost everyday over the holiday break. I’m talking burgers, fries, ice cream, cookies, french toast, cupcakes, wine, dips, cheese. It was bad!

So I am detoxing. Here is what I started with:

Day 1: Full Juice Cleanse via Erewhon

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Blind Faith

Out with the Old…

 ….In with the NEW!

Happy New Year.

Is anyone tired of hearing that yet? I’m almost getting tired of hearing it, but I don’t want to admit it because I don’t want to seem like I’m not happy the year is here.

I guess for me it has not quite resonated that 2015 is here. I mean I’m very aware that it’s a New Year, which means I have to get use to writing 2015 etc. Maybe it’s because I did not make any New Years Resolutions.

Yeah-maybe that’s it. Or maybe it will take me a few weeks days to adjust.

You see I am like a do’er and a planner. I like to know whats coming next, and be ahead of the curve. I guess you can call me a over-thinker, over-achiever (to some degree), a control freak–> but only of my life…right honey? Oh my husband is probably not reading this (whew!)

Anyway, not to over-exaggerate, BUT I guess not knowing that this year will hold, and the fact that I am believing for so many awesome things to happen to me and a lot of folks around me. I guess I am just being still.

 “Be still and Know that I am God…” Psalms 46:10 

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Italian Wedding Soup


This is officially our first post of 2015:) I am super excited for this year if you can’t tell:)

Now, we all know the deal. New year starts and comes with new resolutions…I will not eat after 7pm (already broken), I will workout EVERY day, maybe even twice on some days sef (I haven’t worked out yet), I will make my bed every morning (yeah…), I will eat better, ad nauseum, abi?

Thank God those are not my resolutions. Well, the last one is but that’s more about portion control and fewer sweets (I didn’t say no sweets though). The real test for me will be when I get back to work because we get good, catered lunch options.

But don’t get me wrong – I am all for resolutions. I just think they should be year round. Write them down and then write actionable steps that lead to your end goal. Otherwise, forget it.Find someone to hold you accountable – Bekah is one of mine. That’s why I keep posting my sewing goals on the blog – so it’s out there and you all can call me on stuff.

Anyway, in my bid to eat healthy I am going to eat more soups. A lot of soups I like are cream based but one of my favourite soups is one I tried at my old church, Italian wedding soup. I’d never heard of it before and I really haven’t seen it anywhere else since then but I never forgot it. So today, after three years of not tasting that soup, I decided to make a batch of it.  I found a recipe on The Kitchn and went from there. Here it is:

The ingredients – Romano cheese, Parmesan cheese, ground beef, panko breadcrumbs, kale, eggs, olive oil, yellow onions, garlic cloves, salt, allspice, Italian seasoning. Continue reading

Navy Blue Spangles

Lady ID’s 2014 in Review

So we have come to the end of another year. Yay!!! For some of you, it’s already 2015 – I love that we are on the same planet in different years:) So, time to do a recap. I have to say the 2014 has been a year of surprises – lovely blessings, lots of growth, travels, family and all around stretching myself.  There have definitely been challenges but God has really worked all things together for our good (Romans 8:28). And the challenges in progress, He continues to reign

Bekah and I have been able to maintain the blog schedule for the most parts – we waxed and waned a bit but we made it through! You may have noticed that most of my posts have been fashion-related and I am happy with that. We have some fun things planned for the next year and are eagerly looking forward to 2015.

We would not be here without you so big thank you to our readers and subscribers, and those following us on Bloglovin, Feedly, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We appreciate your support and hope to see even more of you next year.

Lady ID’s 5 Favourite posts

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Merry Christmas Y’All!!

From Bekah and Lady ID:) We wish you a wonderfully:

Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year
in advance.

We want to say a big thank you to all our readers for your support and encouragement over the past year. Every comment, follow, like, etc. has been a blessing to us. We pray for God’s best for each and every one of you as we celebrate the birth of His Son this season.


xoxo :)

IG Cookies

The Christmas Cookie

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

How are y’all doing?

Have you done all your shopping?

Been naughty or nice?

I hope if you all are traveling that you all make it to your destinations safely and without delay. When you arrive or if you are expecting visitors, these Christmas cookies are super cute and delicious…

Who wouldn’t want to get these wrapped in a box?

IG Cookies

After seeing this OBVIOUSLY you would.

These cookies are great!

They taste great and because they are so small you don’t feel bad for eating 3-4 of them. Who am I am kidding, I ate like 7. Continue reading


Mixed Monochromes: Skirt and Tank Top

Ok so they aren’t completely monochrome but close enough. Remember I said I’d been on a sewing frenzy of sorts – this was the same time I finished my blue ponte dress? I went to Mood with my mum to get fabric and we got quite a lot – four cotton sateens and a voile print that was too cute to leave behind. THEN we went to The Fabric Store and got more cottons and silks. Some of the cotton I got to use as lining – I prefer that to synthetic satins.

Anyway, here’s my pretty mashup of prints:) I wanted to wear them together so I had to wait until I completed my skirt:

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Currently Obsessing Over…

Happy Friday! TGIF

I hope that you all had a wonderful week. I know that there is a lot of lot of extreme weather conditions happening coast to coast. New York got a few inches of snow yesterday, California is expecting some heavy rain over the next few days, which we really need. If you haven’t heard we have been in a rough drought for some time now. While I miss the snow, bundling up with love ones and the smell of  fir burning in the fireplace…I still love LA weather. But I could go for a trip back home to Michigan for Christmas,  so as long as I don’t have to shuffle snow.

Any-who,I am sharing with you the things that I am currently obsessing over. Some of these things are predictable, may be shocking and some just super cool; because I am super cool chic.

Here we go:

  1. This Wilton Cookie Pro: I have to admit that I am SO not one of those women who can put things together, like furniture. Directions kinda intimidate me. I am a point and pay girl. I point what needs to be done and I have no problem paying. This cookie pro was intimidating, but YOUTUBE is my friend. To my credit, I read the directions and tried myself, and I did good…I was just missing one small step, which I will share this Thursday when I post the cookies I made and share the recipe.
  2. This cake boutique: Yes, its all cake! Now I have been wanting to go here like forever so I dragged my husband with me. I just could not bring myself to pay $8-$12 for a slice of cake, so he got a slice of cheesecake and I am going back with Lady ID in 2015 so we can do a taste test. Apparently he LOVED the cheesecake, but how pretty is that Checkers Cake? And even though I don’t like green tea, I am interested in trying that and the strawberry shortcake.
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